Tips on How to Start a Friends Group and Build Membership

20170428_104341smIt all starts with one member- YOU!

Loving the Library is an easy sell

Get the community involved

Meetings and events need to be fun and food helps!

Know the benefits of joining your group

  • Discounts
  • Early admission to book sale
  • Tote bags

Have a diverse board

Ask businesses to join

Be a dynamic group to attract members

Discover the talents or education or training of your members through surveys and talking to them.

Use the talents of your members

Use the FOGL and United for Libraries websites

Target library event attendees and businesses

Subscribe to other Friends Groups e-newsletters

Fundraising that works!

Sell merchandise

Own a day at your library -info on FOGL blog

Host a Murder Mystery Dinner

Silent Auctions

Summer Concert Series

New Member discounts

Invest in Certificates of Deposits

Post your sale on

Talk up your fundraiser

Sell books and other items online

Work with other groups and independent booksellers

Host contests (puzzles, art, coloring)

Organize a 5k or motorcycle ride

Have a restaurant spirit

Sell or raffle items donated from local businesses

Host a pancake breakfast with a local restaurant

Programs that you can join to bring in donations

Check out Kohl’s community service program

Amazon Smile

Kroger and Publix community programs

Georgia Give a Day