What is the process and approximate cost to become a 501(c)(3)?

  • Incorporate through the State of Georgia
    1. $160 filing fee
    2. $50 annual fee
    3. Takes approximately 1 month for the paperwork to be processed
  • Apply for EIN number form SS-4 (can be done on-line)
    1. No cost
    2. 5 minutes
  • File Form 1023 EZ with the IRS
    1. $400 filing fee
    2. Takes 2-6 months to be process (may claim 501(c)(3) status once 1023 is filed).
    3. Must file Form 990N (postcard) with IRS every year


  • Hold meeting of the group. Record minutes, vote on officers (if needed) vote to incorporate, vote to adopt constitution and bylaws.
  • Mail to Secretary of State:
    1. Letter to file by mail
    2. Two copies of Articles of Incorporation
    3. Transmittal Form
    4. Check for filing fees (please check website, the fee may change)
    5. Self-addressed stamped envelope
  • Notice of Incorporation to legal organ plus $40 fee

Sample Forms:

  • Friends Group Constitution and Bylaws
  • Notice of Incorporation
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Letter to File by Mail

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